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Professional IT-Services

Webdesign & Publishing

Designing your individual and professional Web Page. You want to update your pages frequently yourself? You get your Webdesign and with EasierCMS you are able to update your Website in 5 minutes, pictures and other media included.

You don't need any knowledge of HTML, it's as easy as writing a text in Windows Notepad.

Internet and Networks

Support with any tasks and problems with internet and network, be it your home router, your enterprise intranet or your webserver.

Computers and Software

Choice of your PC or server hardware and OS, support with installation, finetuning and programms. While - and because - good with any Windows operating system, I recommend strongly Linux Mint Debian Edition, PC BSD and True OS Server as your operating systems. Individual software developement for any operating system.

IT-Security and Encryption

Securing your computer and network. Securing your internet communication with strong encryption. Hiding your traces in the internet. Bringing the Tor and I2P networks to you.

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